Our Offering

Clear Pathway

We provide a clear pathway to help you focus on building a sustainable business from day one and stick with you until you reach a meaningful revenue milestone.  Whilst the mainstream startup narrative is often measured by the amount of capital you’ve raised, this isn’t the only way to build a business – we help you to stay independent longer (or indefinitely), without sacrificing your ambition to build a large, purposeful, and profitable business.


Active Mentoring

As entrepreneurs, we have a huge emotional investment in our product’s success which can often blind us to what customers or the market is really telling us. Our regular mentoring throughout your journey, helps you see what’s working and what’s not. We coach using an evidence-based Lean Startup approach, allowing you to derisk your own involvement and commitment over time as you come closer to proving product-market fit.

Seed Funding

Most entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of capital required to build a great company.  Traditional venture capital pushes founders to look for a large enough exit to return 20-30X to investors, which may not be aligned with the founder’s vision. Instead, our milestone-based venture debt model helps you cover your cashflow shortfalls more predictably as you grow, but without giving up equity in your company.

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Our Programme

What We’re Not

We’re not an accelerator or incubator, or venture fund, or small business loan initiative – we’re a new option for entrepreneurs to get the support they need building a great sustainable company from day one. We don’t require you to have co-founders to start; or have to move to a new town to get our support; or for you to get distracted for 6 months raising investment.

Who We’re Looking For

Instead, we help wannabe entrepreneurs who have solid domain experience and a good idea for a great business turn this into a profitable software business that can support 4-5 people and turn over $1MM+ in annual recurring revenues within 2 years.

Take More Measured Risks

Most early-stage entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of time, money, and progress it takes to build a product that their customers love, so we help you take more measured risks as evidence of a real business emerges, rather than having to be all-in from day one at huge personal and financial risk.

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A Guided Online & Offline Pathway Through to $1MM

Guided Entrepreneurship

We’ve mapped out the journey from pre-idea to a successful $1MM ARR business, let us be your guides at each step of the journey.

Evidence-Based Milestones

How can you be sure you’re building a product people want?  We keep you on track with the right validated learning milestones at each stage.

Build Your Personal Entrepreneurial Capability

Entrepreneurship is 100% about your own abilities and capabilities, so we help you build those capabilities alongside building your venture.

Why Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship?

Too many startups begin with an idea for a product that they think people want without spending time clearly validating that is the case before they run out of money - don't be one of these failure statistics!

  • We measure progress as validated learning about your customers and business model
  • Our milestone model helps you not be a victim of premature scale, the biggest killer of startups
  • Prove to yourself when you've found a venture worth going all in on
No Market Need
Ran out of Cash
Not the Right Team
Out Competed

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Stay Accountable With Our Active Coaching

We don't just know the theory of entrepreneurship - we've built successful high-scale internet ventures and world-class startup acceleration programmes from the ground up! We've also worked closely with- and mentored- over 600 New Zealand entrepreneurs through Startup Weekend, Lightning Lab, Young Enterprise, and direct engagement. In total, we've directly helped our companies raise over $4MM+ of private investment for their ventures. We'd love the opportunity to work with you and navigate the journey ahead together.