Our 0.Sprint accelerator programme, surrounds you with the right startup environment, people, & networks, to push through the biggest challenge holding your venture back.

Whether that’s a product or growth goal, a team-building goal, or even helping you figure out the fastest way to start! Our programme helps connect you with the best people, tools, methods, and resources to accelerate your progress.


Connect with peers going through similar journeys at different stages of success; with experienced startup mentors to be your guides; and to a wider network that can introduce you to the people you need to make your startup successful.


Build your team’s entrepreneurial capabilities throughout the sprint to test, experiment, and learn with new solutions and breakthrough your sprint goals. Collect evidence from real customers to validate your direction quickly in a safe environment.


Learn many of the tools and techniques that startups use to be successful, ideate quickly, and gain insights from their customers. The entire experience is designed to help you learn these lessons experientially by doing, not by talking!


Our 0.Sprint is designed to help you test new concepts quickly and make decisions fast. We built the environment just like a startup accelerator, but without having to give up time and equity to make similar progress in just 5 days!

Our 0.Sprint programme gives both startup- and corporate- venture teams at any stage of the journey, the tools to rapidly build and test an idea with the right support in a short period of time

How It Works

The 0.Sprint Accelerator is a full-time, 1-week programme where startup teams are co-located during a week long sprint. It's an intensive combination of mentor-led coaching, personal and venture progress, and peer-to-peer support through your cohort. 

The format, based on our lessons learned running StartupWeekend and loosely on the Google Ventures Design Sprint method, will push you hard to rapidly validate your direction and leave you with clarity about where to go next.

After you've had time to recover and reorient after the sprint, our experienced startup coaches are available to offer virtual coaching support as required, until it's time for your next 0.Sprint!

Day 1 - Orient

Orient yourself and your team around the sprint goals by exploring the problem, planning the sprint, mapping the journey, and finding the gaps, with expert and mentor-led support. The evening finishes with a shared circle of what's holding us personally back and how we can support each other to push through.

Day 2 - Ideate

Head into researching other ideas to remix and reuse, before demoing these to your team, and ideating on the solution you're going to focus on during the sprint. Following fast-paced feedback sessions and prep for later week validation, we finish up after dinner with an inspirational talk from a successful entrepreneur.

Day 3 - Execute

Sprint! Get into building what your solution can look like for later testing with customers; guided by your startup mentors, iterating until you have an interactive prototype or MVP to test. Lining up more test users to validate the prototype tomorrow, leaves you head-down after dinner to complete the build.

Day 4 - Validate

The rubber hits the road as you bring your customers in to test your solution and get real-time feedback, as the group brings together their insights and iterates the prototype and decides what they need to be doing differently. Post dinner session focusses on structuring the pitch ready for tomorrow's showcase.

Day 5 - Pitch

An early start leads into refining the prototype with batch two of your potential customers as you bring together the final insights from the week, and craft them into a wonderful story, ready for a community showcase, with judging by our panel of experts. Dinner, drinks, network, and celebrate for making it to the end of the Sprint!

Day 6 - Reflect

Relax, step-back, and reflect on the bigger picture of what you managed to achieve in the week, where you need to go next, and check-in on your personal goals; whilst discussing with our team any requirements for ongoing mentorship from our virtual coaches after the sprint.

Programme Dates

We run our accelerated sprint programmes as not-for-profit community events to support the startup community. Our events are led by passionate startup community volunteers, experienced mentors, and supported by awesome partners.

Need a short burst of experienced support growing your startup?  Join one of our upcoming events today.

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Past & Upcoming Events

18th - 23rd June 2018: 0.Sprint - Auckland - Tickets Sold Out!

Future: No future events planned yet!

Future: No future events planned yet!

We’re looking for organizers, supporters, sponsors, & mentors who’d like to give back and support the startup community to run these fun week-long events. Get in touch if that's you!