Our Venture Philosophy

We believe we have no right to tell others how to build and grow ventures if we’re not doing it ourselves!

Our founders started as disruptors, building globally scalable high-growth digital ventures servicing millions of users in the social networking, internet infrastructure, commercial law, and e-commerce spaces - you could say that entrepreneurship is deeply embedded in our DNA!

Given we’re founders and entrepreneurs first, we believe it’s important to be continuing to grow our own venture ideas as well as helping others’ grow theirs.

Our venture studio, therefore, invests time, money, and expertise into exploring and commercialising new venture ideas in emerging sectors like cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and solving problems faced by our local large enterprises. We act as smart-investors and hands-on entrepreneurs alongside other founders to help them bootstrap the early-stages of venture growth.

Our philosophy is driven by three core tenets:

NZ Success Playbook

Solving meaningful problems for NZ companies; thinking globally, but acting locally.

Sustainable Growth

Building ventures that are capital light, and can grow sustainably to revenue quickly.

Long-Term Impact

Building ventures that create long-term impact and change in their user communities.

Venture Portfolio

Interchange // Cryptocurrency
Real Estate
MakeMySale // Real Estate
NightWriter // Publishing
Workpath // Productivity
Personal Finance
Invetyx // Personal Finance

Got a great idea for a venture that you’d like to partner with us on to help bring to market? Get in touch today and let us know how we can help.